WHAt is eco-friendly leather?

Eco-friendly leather can be produced either from cattle or synthetic materials. With a commitment to keeping our bags as natural as possible, we have chosen to use real leather, as we believe this is currently the more sustainable option.

A key feature of eco-friendly leather is that it avoids the use harmful chemicals during the tanning process. Our leather is tested by an independent laboratory to verify that it is free from chemicals such as formaldehyde, chromium IV, lead, short-chain chlorinated paraffin, alkyl phenol ethoxylates and PAHs. Vegetable tannins replace the use of these chemicals, significantly lowering the negative impact on the environment.

Interested to know why we do not use vegan leather? Please continue to read below.

Why is our eco-friendly leather a sustainable alternative?

  • Real leather is longer-lasting than artificial materials, enabling us to maximise the life span of our products.
  • No harmful chemicals are used in the tanning process, as these are replaced by vegetable tannins, which are more sustainable and kinder to the environment.
  • Vegan leather, or PU leather as it is better known, is ultimately made from plastics, making it an unsustainable option in the long run.
  • As well as looking artificial, some PU leather can carry a noticeable smell of chemicals and plastic. It is not breathable like real leather, so it will noticeably wear over time and can crack. Furthermore, PU leather does not decompose.

what type of leather do we use?

We use hunter leather for our bags, which is derived from buffalo rather than cow hides. Buffalo hides are thicker and more durable than cow hides, as they do not require stretching in the tanning process.

Hunter leather is a premium option and more sustainable than other types of leather, as it is not grained and therefore does not require a synthetic top finish. The graining process is often used to hide imperfections and the poorer quality of less superior leathers. As the top layer is not artificially treated, it is important to note that irregularities in colour and texture and scratches will appear, adding to the character of this already beautiful leather.

We love the super-soft feel, smooth matte finish, natural scent, and sturdiness of hunter leather. With time, it will age beautifully as it deepens in colour, becomes even softer and develops a stunning patina.