Be kind.

Be kooky.

Be Kwooksta.

Kwooksta is a passion project born out of shared inspiration and experiences from a life overseas. Inspired by the resourceful ways in which Asian cultures utilise the earth’s natural treasures, we have created fashionable bags for individual spirits, by putting a new spin on underutilised, sustainable materials.

Based in Vienna, a city famous for its arts and design heritage and recently voted the “World’s Most Liveable City”, our bags combine contemporary style and sustainable living.

The name Kwooksta represents diversity, fun and finding joy in the kookiness of life – qualities we truly value and that make us and others smile.

Kwooksta creates beautiful bags for life on the move.

We design our bags to be long lasting and to serve a valuable purpose in everyday life. Be it for a weekend away, your daily routine or social engagements, our collection of trendy and casual bags offers something for every occasion.

Jute is the hero of our first collection and the minimalist, yet stylish designs allow the vibrant colours and individual features of this plant-based fibre to stand out.

In a world of excessive plastic consumption, we have also designed a beautiful and practical range of organic cotton reusable bags, perfect for carrying your shopping or other everyday essentials.

Kwooksta celebrates the earth’s underutilised natural treasures.

Our mission is to seek out nature’s most undervalued, sustainable resources and transform them into beautiful, unique and stylish products.

We take pride in producing our debut bag collection in Kolkata, India – the heart of global jute cultivation. Utilising sustainable materials and working with trusted and certified local partners enables us to reduce the impact of our production process. We are also working to offset our transport emissions through selected environmental initiatives and reduce our own carbon footprint through greener in-house practices.

Always looking for ways to improve our practices and reduce our burden on the planet, we are mindful that sustainability goes hand in hand with social responsibilities. As such, we are currently exploring inspirational and worthy causes that we can support through the sale of our products. Stay tuned for more details!