• Although very durable, jute fibres are delicate and will not withstand machine washing, bleaching, or tumble-drying.
  • To remove small stains, we recommend spot cleaning only. This can be done with a soft damp cloth or a baby wipe. Avoid aggressive scrubbing and harsh detergents as these might cause the colour to fade.
  • In the event of your bag becoming filthy and washing is an absolute necessity, we recommend talking to a trusted drycleaner regarding the safe cleaning options.
  • Please note: Kwooksta cannot accept any liability for damage or altered appearance if you choose to wash your jute item.


  • Our bags are made from untreated plant-based materials and are therefore not waterproof. If your bag becomes wet, it should be air or line dried out of direct sunlight. Be sure not to wring or twist the fabric, as this will weaken the fibres.
  • To avoid creases or indentations in the material, ideally hang your bag from a hanger instead of clipping or folding it over the washing line.
  • To remove creases and wrinkles, the bag can be ironed, on a low heat setting only, using a cloth placed between the iron and the jute for added protection.